Ryan Hoffmann - Artist Page

Ryan Hoffmann

My work is an attempt to grasp the illusive and ephemeral. It is repetition; an everyday practice that attempts to re-create these Ghosts. 

The material elements in my work are not accorded solely an object character, but as instruments, serve a function. Layers of moulded paint form paraboloidal shapes that protrude form the wall; voids, reflections and acoustic reverberations are experienced anew by each individual who interacts with the work. The works become autonomous. 

Time stamps, catalogue numbers and titles reference a position of work within a longer series, presenting a system for recording my life and gesture as artist. 

Memory is transient; my process is an attempt at recreation. The process is a transition, a dislocation of personal experience into form. The remnant of this process transforms my gesture into passive objects, these represent time, space, light and life.  -  Ryan Hoffmann 2017