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Nick Collerson

Nick Collerson was born in Newfoundland, Canada in 1977, he grew up moving from country to country and found his way to Australia and has since graduated from the National Art School in 2011 with a Masters of Fine Art, and now also teaches there.

Nick draws on his observations of the environment around him and his personal experience for subject matter and themes. 

His childhood spent moving all over has had a profound influence on his work.  Prior to attending art school, he supported himself through a range of odd jobs that gave him plenty of inspiration for subject matter for his art.

“I paint what would be considered traditional Western subject matter – portraiture, landscape and still-life – reinterpreted through the lens of Eastern philosophy. While my paintings appear representational, it isn’t my intention to give an inventory of the material world, but rather to examine the riddles at the core of experience.” - Collerson, 2011.